Mi Casa

Food is a passion.  Food is inspiration.  


The world around us, nature, the people, the cultures, all hold with them a great meaning and have some form of impact on all of us.


I often express myself through the foods I make because they are inspired by:

my many travels 


my family and friends


and even my furry family


It is an artistic outlet and a way to spend time with those I care about.  

It is an expression of love.


My dishes stem from something I feel or experience.  


My active lifestyle also plays a role in what I create.  

However, this will never mean limiting myself in any way in the kitchen just like I will never limit myself out of the kitchen.


Perhaps it is a scent, a special event or even a memory that pops into my mind and it suddenly triggers an idea.


The way I see the world is through colour that brings with it the creative energy that goes into my cooking.  


Nothing I make is without a story.  

Everything I make is connected with something in my life.


Therefore, I welcome you into my home via Divine Diuum, from my kitchen table to yours.


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