Cantaloupe Refresher


With the warmer weather coming, I have been looking for refreshing drinks to include in my day besides water.  I love making fresh juices which in Latin America are known as aguas frescas.  I have made a watermelon version of this which was very nice and a Venezuelan friend of mine made me cantaloupe juice which I was craving this week.

It happens to be the season of these melons so I bought one and made some fresh juice.  It really is quite easy and I much prefer the natural tastes of home-made juice to that bought in stores.

Why cantaloupe?  Besides its high water content to keep you hydrated in the summer months, it is also a yellow-orange food.  When you are trying to eat a healthy diet and keep to the colours of the rainbow, this coloured food is high in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant or can be converted to vitamin A which is beneficial to women’s health in particular.  It is also high in vitamin C.

To prepare this fruit, I de-seed the center.

From there I cut it into pieces so it is easy to remove the flesh for blending.

Half a cantaloupe requires 4 C of water.  Once it is blended, I let it sit overnight in a bowl to really extract flavour.

The next day the juice is ready to finish.  I strain the pulp through a fine strainer.  You can use a spatula to push some of the liquid through.

The refreshing cantaloupe juice is now complete. . . .unless you are me.  I add one more secret ingredient.  A few Tbsps of rose water or orange blossom water gives it a light floral taste.

Cantaloupe Refresher

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


1/2 cantaloupe (cut in pieces)

4 C water

2 Tbsps rose water


1.  Blend cantaloupe until a smooth pulp forms.

2.  Combine cantaloupe and water.

3.  Cover and let sit overnight.

4.  Strain liquid.

5.  Stir in rose water.

6.  Serve chilled.

Calories 46

Protein    1.1 g

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