Almond Milk


The easiest thing to make is almond milk and it is well worth it because it tastes nothing like store-bought.   Mostly I use it for smoothies anyways.  Be sure to strain in a cheese cloth.  If you don’t own cheese cloth, it is only a few dollars and can be washed and re-used.  In other words, it is a good investment because this is what is left from the almonds when making your own milk.

Start by soaking about 2 cups of whole, raw almonds in water overnight.  You will notice that water is murky the next day so strain the almonds and give them a quick rinse.

In a blender, add 1 cup of almonds and 2 cups of water.  Blend for about a minute and strain with the cheesecloth into a bowl.  Be sure to squeeze all the liquid to get the most out of it.  Repeat with the leftover almonds.  For the right consistency, use twice the water for almonds used; for example, for 1 cup of almonds you will use 2 cups of water.  This can be adjusted for the richness you prefer.

Once everything is blended, strain the almonds.  Depending on how lazy I am, I do this in 2 ways.  First I use a large strainer to get ride of the almond pulp (which you can save and use for other things).  Then, I use a cheese cloth to strain it further so it is nice and smooth.  You can jump right to the cheese cloth if you don’t feel like dirtying another dish.

This is where I finish because I prefer unsweetened almond milk.  However, you can play with the sweetness and add a sweetener of your choice:  honey, sugar, agave, dates, etc.  You can also add cinnamon.  This is very easy and customizable and the ingredients can be blended together with the almonds.

You will have approximately 4 cups of almond milk.  Depending on your taste, you can add more or less water which will change the flavour and consistency a bit.  It will keep fresh in your fridge for up to a week.  I like to add a few drops of orange blossom water to my glass for a refreshing treat on hot days.

Almond Milk

  • Servings: approx. 4 cups
  • Print

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


2 C almonds

4 C water


1.  Cover almonds in a bowl and let sit overnight.

2.  Strain and rinse the almonds.

3.  Add the almonds to a blender and fill with cold water.

4.  Blend for  a minute.

5.  Strain in a cheese cloth.

6.  Sweeten with sweetener of choice (optional).

Calories 30

Protein    1 g

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