Mushroom Tartlettes



The other night we decided to go vegetarian.  For a house of meat eaters this can be a challenge.  If you like mushrooms, some claim it has a texture that is tolerable.  Personally, I love mushrooms and I love tarts.  Therefore, mushrooms tarts!


I know mushrooms are the star here but I had to bring in some white wine. . .and cream as well.   Delicious!  I sautéed about 2 lbs of  crimini mushrooms making sure not to slice them too thin so that they would keep a slight firmness.  To season the mushrooms, I added a little thyme, crushed chili flakes and salt before adding my white wine and reducing it.  I ended by stirring in that cream.


That was the easy part.  As I let the mushroom mixture cool a bit I had some pre-prepared flakey dough that I like to keep in my freezer.  I rolled it out and cut out circles before lining my mini pie tray.  The circles should be larger than the opening of the actual pie.  Before I added the mushrooms, I tossed in some parmesan flakes for a little surprise.  This was a treat when we cut into the tart.  It was a nice, thin lawyer of crispy cheese.

Finally, I piled the mini pie shells high with the mushroom mixture and baked them for 40 minutes at 40oº.  Because every oven if different, and the thickness the pie shell might be rolled at will vary, check them at the 30 minute mark.  The edges should be darkened and crispy.


Mushroom Tartlettes

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


1/2 pastry dough recipe

6 Tbsp parmesan cheese flakes

2 Tbsp olive oil

2 lbs sliced mushrooms

1 small onions (chopped)

Herbs and spices to taste (thyme, chili flakes, salt)

1/2 C white wine

1/2 C cream


1.  In a large pan, sauté onions in olive oil until they are partially cooked.

2.  Add mushrooms and cover for a few minutes until they start to release water.

3.  Add white wine and reduce for several minutes..

4.  Stir in herbs and spices to taste.

5.  Add cream and continue cooking on low until sauce is almost dissolved and mushrooms are cooked to desired texture.

6.  Set mushroom mixture aside and let cool for an hour.

7.  Roll out dough to a pie crust thickness.

8.  Cut out 6 circles slightly larger that your mini tartlette pan.

9.  Carefully fit the dough into the molds.

10.  Sprinkle some parmesan flakes into each tartlette.

11.  Evenly fill the tartlettes with the mushroom filling.

12.  Bake at 400º for 45 minutes.

13.  Tartlettes can be served warm or cold.

Calories 399.5

Protein   9.4 g

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