Chorizo a la Cidra



A traditional tapa in Spain is chorizo a la cidra.  This appy is great for those looking to serve something a little different to their guests as a starter.  Add some fresh bread and voila!


This tapa’s flavour comes from the paprika in chorizo sausage which is complimented by the sweetness and apple notes of the cider.  Pork and apples have long been a fantastic combination and this is no different.  I call this one of my “quick” picks because it only needs 3 ingredients and doesn’t take long to make.


To start, find a nice chorizo sausage.  You want to make sure it is the cooking kind and not a dry chorizo.  I really like Freybe chorizo because it packs some kick.  You can choose a mild variety also if spicy isn’t your thing.  Slice up about 400 g of chorizo into about 1/4 inch slices.


In a frying pan, heat a couple Tbsps of olive oil and fry the chorizo.  It doesn’t all have to be crisped but getting a slight char on as many pieces as you can adds colour and, also, texture.  It also begins the caramelization process.


Once your sausage is fried up, carefully pour in 1 C of cider.  Dry cider does not work as well as a more sweet variety.  Because you have to let the cider boil down for 10-15 minutes, you need the cider to have some sugar so a slight syrup develops.  Alternately, you can sprinkle a bit onto the dish while it is cooking if dry cider is all you have.  The sweet adds to the spicy and salty flavours of the chorizo.


You will know when the sausage is ready because there will be very little cider left and it will be a darker colour with a slight syrupy consistency.  Your chorizo a la cidra is now ready to serve accompanied with some fresh bread.  IF there are leftovers, they work with eggs for breakfast the next day.

This will make a small appetizer for 4 people if served with other appies.

Chorizo a la Cidra

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


400 g chorizo, sliced into rounds

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 C cider


1.  Fry the chorizo in heated olive oil until most pieces crisped.

2.  Carefully pour in cider.

3.  Bring to a simmer for 10-15 minutes.

4.  Chorizo is ready when cider has reduced to a light, syrupy consistency.

Calories 419

Protein  21 g

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