Jalapeño Bacon Cheese Ball



The other day at Costco I purchased a giant bag of bacon bits, more bacon bits than any one person can consume, or should consume, in a single sitting.  Since then I have been making twice baked potatoes, throwing them in omelets and thinking of ways to use them up.


Luckily for me, I had a function to attend and what better way than to make an appetizer with some of that bacon.  The first step was to think of flavour combinations.  I thought about a dip with bacon and cream cheese, baked and warmed in the oven.  However, with no oven at the event, that would pose a challenge.

After looking online for ideas, I can across many (and I mean MANY) variations of cheese balls with bacon.  Most I encountered added cheddar but, for me, the cream cheese was cheesy enough.  I also opted not to add any more spices as the bacon, jalapeño, and green onions I added had enough flavour.  After creaming the cream cheese to a nice smooth texture, I added lime juice to cut the saltiness of the bacon.

The cheese ball would also be rolled in a combination of pecans and green onions (more bacon=optional).  They added nice texture and colour.  I also incorporated the idea of using toasted pecans as requested by one of the guests. The result was an easy appetizer that was a real hit!



Jalapeño Bacon Cheese Ball

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


2 packages of cream cheese

1-2 small jalapeño, finely diced

75 g bacon bits

5 green onions, chopped (set aside 1 for coating)

2 Tbsp lime juice

1/2 C pecans, toasted and crushed


1.  Blend the cream cheese until it is smooth and soft.

2.  Add lime juice and combine.

3.  Set aside some of the green onions and mix with the pecans for rolling.

4.  Stir in bacon, green onions, and jalapeño into the cream cheese.

5.  Form a large cheese ball.

6.  Roll the cheese ball so it is coated with the pecan/green onion mixture.

Calories 2302

Protein  71.15 g

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