Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver, British Columbia

“Your work is the rent you pay for the room you occupy on earth.”
~Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother


A nice way to spend the day is at Queen Elizabeth Park.  This well-groomed park is about 130 acres which includes a high-end restaurant, Seasons, with a view of Vancouver.


Also on the property is the Bloedel Conservatory which offers an indoor, tropical wonderland.  This giant, domed structure is visible from most areas of the garden.  There is a cost to go inside.  At various times of the year they offer special events and tranform the inside into various themes.

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The park was originally a rock quarry used in building some of the roads in Vancouver.  Eventually, when it was of no further use, it was purchased by the Park Board in 1929 where is sat for a year.  At that point the land was transformed into the sunken gardens you see today.


In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the gardens where the name was then dedicated.  From that point forward, the garden grew and developed.  There are currently 2 quarry gardens as well within the park, a large and a small one.


The large houses a bridge and a mini water fall while the smaller one displays creative arrangements of flowers along with a miniature bridge.

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