Sage Butter



I first fell in love with sage when I discovered a clary sage soap.  From there I bought my first sage plant.  I don’t have a green thumb so when it died I wasn’t surprised but it did come back full force the following year.  I knew then that this was an herb to be reckoned with.  It was strong, flavourful and resilient.  The stems are woody but the leaves have a wonderful aroma.


Besides being a great addition to cooking, many cultures drink sage tea for the benefits it is thought to offer.  These range from aiding with memory to anti-inflammatories.  I, myself, remember a time when I was so sick I was willing to try anything.  I brewed up a pot of chicken broth with sage leaves and garlic.  Within hours it had cleared up my congestion which was something.

In the culinary world, fried sage is a nice addition to meats or even some salads.  I have enjoyed a sage cream sauce with gnocchi or pasta.  For a more simplistic flavour, sage butter is also a favourite.  The favourite usage of sage butter in our household is on top of a well-cooked steak.  Unfortunately, sage won’t survive a cold winter but the good news is it will come back.  While I had a nice sage plant this year, I decided to try and preserve some of it in a compound butter.


To make it you need to be working with butter at room temperature.  I use 1 cup of butter to 1/2 cup of loosely pressed and chopped fresh herbs.  You can make it stronger or weaker tasting according to your preferences.  I find this works for me because I like to pack a punch of herb flavour without having to use much butter.


Whip the butter and toss in your herbs.  It is that easy.


On a piece of plastic wrap, dump the butter mixture and use the plastic to form a roll.  Twists the ends and refrigerate.


Once the roll has hardened you can use the butter as it or freeze it.  Personally, I cut the butter log into small pucks before rewrapping and freezing the pucks.  That way I don’t have to take out an entire log of butter.

sage 3

This sage compound butter is easy to make and if sage isn’t your thing, you can substitute a variety of flavours:





*garlic and parsley



Sage Butter

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


1 C butter

1/2 C fresh sage, chopped


1.  Allow the butter to reach room temperature.

2.  Whip butter until smooth.

3.  Blend in sage.

4.  Put butter mixture onto a sheet of plastic wrap.

5.  Gently roll butter into a log.

6.  Twist plastic ends to seal.

7.  Refrigerate until firm.

8.  Cut log into pucks and freeze for later use or use right away.

Calories 1628

Protein  1.93 g

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