Flakey Dough



After many attempts at finding the perfect, flakey pie crust I have come up with the ONE.  To accomplish this I discovered that it is about 30% ingredients and 70% technique.  This crust is perfect for apple pie and I often use it for chicken pot pie as well.

Once you do this a few times you will discover just how quick and easy homemade can be and you may never go back to store bought.

Tricks and Tips

  • Water and butter must be VERY cold.
  • Cube butter before putting it in the freezer so it gets cold faster.
  • Put water and butter in the freezer at the same time.
  • When the water forms a thin layer of ice, both, butter and water, will be cold enough.
  • Work on a cold surface.  I like to pour some ice water on my counter and dry it off.
  • Before the final dough roll, fold the dough onto itself to ensure more flakey layers.


If you have a Kitchenmaid mixer, it works perfectly for this.  Combine 2 C of flour and a tsp of salt.  If you want to add herbs or a tsp of sugar for a sweeter crust, now is the time.  If you don’t have a mixer, you can cut the butter into the dough with a fork.


Add your almost frozen butter until it breaks down to pea-sized balls.  They will not all be uniform but that is ok because with the folding and rolling it will turn out.



Add 1/4 C of ice water until the flour holds together and form it into a ball with your hands.  Tightly wrap it in plastic wrap and flatten it so it is 1-2 inches thick.  This can be made ahead and kept overnight but it should rest for about an hour minimum.  I have used it right away.  It works ok too but for the best results, give it an hour.

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The technique, when you are ready to roll it, is important.  I do 2 roll outs onto a floured surface.  First, I roll to about a cm thick.  The next step is very important.  I fold all 4 sides onto each other and re-form a ball.  This forces flakey layers into the dough.


Flip the ball over and re-roll it to the desired thickness.  Make sure it is even by running your hands over the flat dough to feel for any bumps.  This recipe will yield enough dough for a base and top of a 9″ pie with a little extra to spare (in case you feel like adding some cute artistic cut-outs to your pie).


Perfect Pie Crust

  • Servings: 1- 9 inch top and bottom crust
  • Print

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


2 C flour

1 tsp salt

1 C butter (cubed)

1/4 C water


1.  Cube butter and place in the freezer.

2.  Place water in the freezer.

3.  When water forms a thin ice layer, both water and butter are ready to use.

4.  Mix flour and salt.

5.  Cut in butter until large pea-sized balls form.

6.  Stir in water until blended.

7.  Form a ball with the dough.

8.  Wrap with plastic wrap and flatten to about 1 ” thick.

9.  Keep in the fridge for an hour or overnight.

10.  Roll dough out to a cm thick.

11.  Fold all sides in on themselves.

12.  Flip the dough over and roll out to desired thickness for use.

13.  Before baking, brush with egg wash for a golden colour.

Calories 2538

Protein 27.75 g

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