Calorie Cutting



If you try and watch your calories like I do, you may be missing some simple steps that could help you.  One of the first things I noticed was all the hidden calories in drinks.  I now only drink water.  That is not only a healthy habit to get into but it also saves you many of the sugars, fats, and calories hidden in the drinks.

Of course there are special drinks that we all treat ourselves to once in a while and that is ok.  Some of my favourite beverage treats are tea, a glass of milk, coconut water, and eggnog around the holidays.  Coffee in particular is something I indulge in often, keeping in mind that it has calories that I have to incorporate into my daily count.

If you love your java as much as I do, have a look a this video for some simple tricks to cutting calories from your favourite pick-me-up.

Have a fantastic, lively day!

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