Weightloss: Introduction



Weightloss is a touchy subject and there are all kinds of theories and fads surrounding it.  I would know.  I have tried many of them.  There are even some that work!  The only problem is they are temporary and once they are finished, one cannot realistically continue or maintain their weightloss/maintenance journey.

I am not a qualified expert by any means but I have made significant changes so for anyone interested in how I did it, this is my perspective.


The other issue is that weightloss can’t just be about losing weight.  It didn’t just magically appear over night and it won’t magically disappear.  Weight is often a sign of certain lifestyle choices in which I am not here to judge. However, if this is a goal of yours and something you really hope to achieve, it needs to be reflected in your lifestyle choices.

There is no other way.


For example, some people are naturally thinner than others but perhaps they don’t feel that they are very strong and would like to increase their strength.

Perhaps a person is finding that they are tired and don’t have much energy or maybe they aren’t sleeping well.   Weightloss goals might actually mean toning, strengthening, destressing or having more energy and might actually be a side effect rather than the actual goal.


Maybe someone wants to shed a few pounds but feels good otherwise, maybe there is no other issue except they want to fit a little easier into those pants.  (This was my truth 60 lbs ago).  They enjoy good food, get out there once in a while and do something active and wish they could find clothes a bit easier if they were only a bit smaller.

With some minor lifestyle changes, this can easily be done.  It is amazing how fit you think you are at the time. . .until you work on it and become more fit.  You then look back when that run, or gym class was so difficult and see how far you’ve come now that it has become so much easier.  Weightloss will occur but more importantly is that the result is a more fit, healthier person.  This is actually really motivational.  It encourages you to keep going because you know that in the future, you will look at the activities you struggle through now and think how far you’ve come when they are no longer a struggle.


Can someone who is overweight be happy and healthy?  To a point.  Is there room to be happier? Weight shouldn’t be a factor in happiness but the reality is that it is a lot of the time.  Not to mention, sometimes there are health issues that can be resolved with  healthier choices (which often result in weightloss).  Being healthy certainly contributes to happiness.

What I am trying to get at is my feeling on the term “weightloss”.  I think people throw the term loosely around when what they really want is to look and feel better.  Losing a few pounds certainly might be part of that but, more importantly, are lifestyle choices that must come first before any of that can occur.


What do I mean by “lifestyle choices”?  It means one needs to sit down and log some basic information in 3 crucial areas:  nutrition, fitness, and rest.  It requires reflection and planning for many so they can follow through.

These areas need to be balanced and to be successful, I have found that work needs to be put into all 3 areas.  Changes need to be made and maintained and sometimes people try to rush into it.  Don’t.  Look at what you are doing now and make small changes a little at a time until they become part of your lifestyle.  Then add something else.  This way,  you become accustomed to the changes, it is easier and they are lasting.

Let’s just conclude then that the term “weightloss” is misleading.  It doesn’t actually mean losing weight necessarily.  Weightloss as a goal needs to be identified as a new goal term.  I would like to start hearing people say, “My new goal is going to be “Health”.”

Stay tuned this week as I explore the 3 areas that I feel have impacted me the most in my quest for a healthy lifestyle.


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