Matcha Tea Latte



Green tea is considered to be one of the leaders in antioxidant properties.  It also helps with detoxification and helps boost energy.  Many people also swear by it for weight loss.  Combating stress, increased memory and strengthening the immune system are a few of the other claims to fame with regular consumption.  Now imagine that rather than simply brewing the tea, the whole leaves of the highest grade are picked, prepared and finely ground into a powder.  They are then stored carefully to preserve the antioxidant qualities and keep the beautiful bright green colour.  This is matcha tea.  According to, a single cup of matcha contains about ten times the nutritional value of a single cup of brewed green tea.

watermarkedmatcha305Start off by using a matcha set if you have one for best results.  It includes a ceramic bowl and special bamboo matcha whisk.  You will need matcha powder as well.  These supplies can be found pretty much anywhere where matcha tea is sold.  I received mine as a gift from David’s Tea.  If you don’t have the set, you can also use a regular whisk.

It is important to dissolve the tea in boiled water.  For each matcha spoonful (approximately 1/2 tsp) use 4 Tbsp of boiled water.  For 1 cup I prepare 2 matcha spoons of tea.  The bamboo whisk does a good job of dissolving the tea powder.  If you are using something else, make sure there are no granules in the bowl.

watermarkedmatcha204 watermarkedmatcha406

Once the tea is dissolved, heat 1.5 cups of milk slowly in a pot until steamed.  To save time, you can use the milk frother that often comes with the individual coffee machines like the nespresso aeroccino or something similar.  You can even heat up milk in the microwave but be careful not to overheat or a skin will form and it will need to be removed before serving.  Add the milk to the tea and you will get a frothy, light jade, tea latte.

watermarkedmatcha 502

Once the milk and tea are whisked together, add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Matcha tea has an earthy, sweet flavour.  It may be sweet enough as is.  I like to add 1/2 tsp of agave syrup for a bit of added sweetness.  You may like this matcha tea latte so much that it replaces your morning coffee!


Matcha Tea Latte

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


2 tsp matcha tea

8 Tbsp boiling water

1.5 C milk

1 tsp vanilla extract


1.  Dissolve matcha in water until there are no granules.

2.  Steam and froth milk.

3.  Whisk milk and vanilla into tea.

4.  Add sweetener if you choose.

Calories 200 (if using 2% milk)

Protein 16 g

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