Mediterranean Wraps



It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, leftover BBQ, but it does happen.  Who doesn’t like sitting out on the deck or patio on a warm summer day with a tasty selection of grilled meats? Well, other than vegetarians of course.  When I BBQ, I enjoy a range of meats:  chicken thighs, steaks, sausages and merquez, all marinated a different way.  I like my steaks grilled simply with coarse salt and pepper.  Chicken is often marinated with dijon mustard, white wine and fresh herbs.  Sausages are both spicy and mild.  Merguez is a thin, flavour-packed lamb sausage.  Toss in some salads and dinner is served.


I like to over grill.  That means that I usually have leftovers. . .and that is how I like it.  One of my favourite things to do the next day is take all that delicious grilled meat and toss it together to create a mélange of meat for wraps.


The wrap itself is a simple pita pocket that is opened 1/2 way.  You want to make sure 1/2 of it is still sealed along the edge because it helps keep all the ingredients inside.  I also like to toss it in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften it.  From there I add some tzatziki sauce.  Tzatziki is a light, healthy sauce consisting of Greek yogurt, dill, grated cucumber, lemon, salt and pepper.

There is often some potato salad leftover to serve with the wraps but I like to toss some Greek salad into my wraps as well.  My salad mix consists of small pieces of heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, oregano and onion.  Tossed with a bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar and you have a good companion to the grilled meat filling.

I then throw on some fresh parsley and feta cheese and finally the meat.

W4 W6

These wraps are served  best in aluminum foil.  It keeps the wrap together and makes it easier to eat.  Just remember to peel back the aluminum.  Biting down on aluminum foil is a terrible feeling. . .trust me on this one.


There you have it, a filling meal bursting with flavour and a great way to use leftovers over the summer.  It is my popular brunch go-to during warmer months.  Watermelon for dessert!


Mediterranean Wrap

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


1 pita

4 oz. BBQ meat

2-3 Tbsp tzatziki

2  oz. feta

1/2 C Greek salad

fresh chopped parsley


1.  Microwave pita for 15 seconds.

2.  Open edges of pita 1/2 way to allow for stuffing.

3.  Spread tzatziki in pita.

4.  Sprinkle feta, Greek salad, and parsley in the pita.

5.  Fill pita with meat.

6.  Roll the pita into a warp.

7.  Cover base with aluminum foil for easy handling.

Calories 430

Protein 32 g

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