If you are the type of person who needs a clear, preferably list format, checklist in order to complete tasks, you are not alone.  This is how I organize and get things done too.  In 2013 I was starting to get into exercise again after an accident I had.  Walking had been part of my treatment but after so much walking I felt like my feet should be moving faster and the idea of possibly running came to mind.  So I asked my physiotherapist.


I was very blessed to have an amazing physiotherapist, Dan Sivertson, who not only helped me heal through my injuries, but sent me on a path that transformed my life as I knew it.  Thanks to him I am in the best shape of my life, healthy and happy and injury free.  He started me on running.

Running takes a toll on your body.  You can push hard but you need to find a balance of speed (pace), breathing, mental grit and running technique.  If anything is off if can completely change your run that day and knowing that each run will be different is part of conquering your run.  Also, it isn’t about how fast you run.  It is about setting personal goals and achieving them and getting out there in the first place.

The plan that I followed was a very effective one offered for completing the Sun Run by SportMedBC.


1.  10k Training Plan

If you are just starting out I would highly recommend training for a 10k race.  Train for a 10k, but let your first race be a 5k.  The reason is simple.  You will feel more accomplished finishing a 5k race strong knowing that you are well on your way to a 10k.

2.  Time vs. Distance

This training plan works on minutes not distance so it is easier to gage for someone starting out.  You will be surprised to discover the actual distance of a kilometre or mile on foot when the time comes.

3.  Warm-up & Cool-down

It is very important to warm up not just to prevent injury, but you will find running is easier if your muscles are eased into the activity.  Cooling down also gives your body a chance to recoup and settle down.  These are just good habits to form from the start.

4.  Flexibility

Runs are scheduled for 3 a week but if you only have time for 2 (you should be doing 2 if you are training) then you can simply just go down the list and do the next scheduled run the next week.

5.  Level Appropriate

The way the plan works is that if you can not complete a stage or you feel it is too much of a struggle, it is ok to repeat that level the next time.  As a matter of fact, you can keep repeating until you are ready to move on.  Running is personal.  You work towards your own goals and achievements.


1.  Cross Training

Even though the plan is designed for running, my personal view is that cross training should be a must.  I see how it has helped me and I would encourage beginners to try and do some cross training activities.  I have used them in the past when I could not get myself out on a run.  I chose to do something else instead which, for me, was better than not doing anything at all.  Plus, cross training benefits your running too.

Three of my regular cross training activities are yoga (for when I have had a stressful day or am sore), spin (for when I should be running but the weather stopped me), and bootcamp (because it is a form of weight training and helps build muscle.)

2.  Rest Time

With so much training, I find I run best on race days if I take 3-4 days of rest right before.  Play it by ear.  You can experiment with it.


*Suggested 3 runs a week

*5 minute warm-up AND cool-down walk

*Complete all levels.  Don’t skip ahead.  If it is easy, concentrate on technique or breathing that is working or simply learn to enjoy the experience.

10K Training Program

Run-Walk X Repetitions

Week 1                              Week 8

1-2 X 8                                10-1 X 4

1-2 X 6                                3-1 X 7

1-2 X 7                                5-1 X 6

Week 2                             Week 9

2-2 X 7                                6-1 X 8

1-2 X 7                                 4-1 X 7

2-2 X 6                                4-1 X 9

Week 3                            Week 10

3-2 X 7                               8-1 X 7

2-2 X 6                               4-1 X 9

3-2 X 6                               5-1 X 8

Week 4                      Week 11

3-2 X 6                              10-1 X 6

2-2 X 5                               4-1 X 9

2-3 X 6                               5-1 X 8

Week 5                      Week 12

3-1 X 9                               8-1 X 6

2-1 X 8                               4-1 X 6

3-1 X 8                               5-1 X 7

Week 6                      Week 13

5-1 X 7                               40 minute run

3-1 X 7                               10-1 X 3

3-1 X 10                             Race day!

Week 7

10-1 X 4

4-1 X 6

5-1 X 7



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