Race List



Races are a great way to set goals.  Many companies offer 5 km races, 8 km races, 10 km races, 1/2 marathon races and more.  I like to register for several of these each year and I especially like it when I can take home a piece of my accomplishment via a medal.  This is not something I just wanted to do for only one year so I sat down for hours to research the various running races from Whistler to Seattle and, in some cases, beyond.  I came up with a list of races which I divided into the months that they are usually offered.  For those looking for races, you may find this list of races helpful.  You can look up the races offered in a month and their distance and plan your training accordingly.  The ones on this list include swag which is why I chose them 😉


Bellingham Bay Marathon (5 km, 1/2, marathon)

Skagit Flats (1/2, marathon)

Fairhaven Runners Waterfront (15 km)


Run Like a Girl (various distances and dates)

Salty Half (1/2)

Spirit of the Shore (1/2)

Snohomish River Run (10 km, 1/2)

Vancouver 1/2 Marathon (Rock n’ Roll Series, 10 km, 1/2)


Boundary Bay (Try Events 5 km, 10 km , 1/2, marathon)

Ghost of Seattle (1/2, marathon)

Vancouver Historic (Try Events, 5 km , 10 km , 1/2, marathon)


Vancouver Chilly Chase (Try Events, 5 km, 10 km , 15 km, 1/2)

Hypothermic (1/2)


Fort Langley (Try Events, 5 km, 10 km , 1/2)


Shamrock Run (Try Events, 5 km, 7 mile , 1/2)

Hot Chocolate (Seattle, 5 km, 15 km)

Hot Chocolate (Vancouver, Try Events 5 km, 10.4 km)

Golden Ears (Peninsula Runners, 10 km, 1/2)

MODO (8 km)

Birch Bay Road Race (5 km, 15 km, 30 km)


Sun Run (10 km)

Heritage to Hatzic (5 km, 10 km)

Delta Cable (5 km, 1.2)

Everett (10 km, 1/2)

Whidbey Island (5 km, 10 km, 1/2, marathon)

Alger Alp (Trail, 5 mile, 1/2)


Run for Water (5 km, 10 km, 1/2)

Run for Women (5km, 10 km)

Portland (Rock n’ Roll Series, 10 km, 1/2)

Seymour Valley (1/2)

Brooks Trailhead (10 km, 15 km)

BMO  (8 km, 1/2, marathon)

Little Mountain (Trail, 10 km, 1/2)

Mother Ducky (Try Events, 5 km, 7 mile, 1/2)

Snohomish Women’s (10 km, 1/2)


Whistler  (10 km, 1/2)

Seattle (Rock n’ Roll Series, 1/2)

Scotia Bank (5 km, 1/2)

Deception Pass (Trail, 4 mile, 1/2)

Berry Dairy Days (5 km, 10 km, 1/2)


Canada Day The Rock (Try Events, 5 km, 10 km)

Whatcom Dream (5 km)

Mud and Chocolate (Trail, 4.5 miles, 1/2, virtual)

Stumptown (Portland, various)

See Jane Run (Seattle, 5 km, 1/2)

Fort Langley (Peninsula Runners, 5 km, 1/2)


Seawheeze (1/2)

Race the Reserve (5 km, 10 km, 1/2)

Happy running!

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