Quintessential Crepe


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One of the easiest and most delicious things to make are crepes.  This thinner, more delicate, foldable version of a pancake means you can use it for anything from a plain butter crepe wrap to a savoury chicken Florentine crepe dinner and all the sweet varieties in between.  In minutes you have a base for a delicious meal.

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The basic mixture of any traditional crepe consists of milk, eggs, butter, flour, and I add sugar and a pinch of salt for this crepe version.  It should be a consistency slightly more liquid than you would see in a pancake batter and if you are finding the batter is too thick, it is very easy to fix.  Just add a bit of milk until you reach the desired consistency.  Many recipes ask for 2 eggs but I find one is plenty and makes it less heavy.

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Personally, I like a very thin crepe which I serve with some basics of sweet crepes: cinnamon sugar, jam, Nutella and sliced bananas.  Part of the fun of making these is getting to play with your food and creating new flavours.  It makes a great treat for kids especially because it is essentially an art project with food.

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How about coconut cream cheese, apple cinnamon or even blueberry custard crepes?

Have you ever seen a crepe cake?

There are many varieties from around the globe as well.  The Dutch have their version, the pannenkoeken while in the north of France, Brittany, they have galettes made with buckwheat flour.  Other popular versions you may have heard of are crepes Suzette made with orange peel and Grand Marnier and then  flambéed to burn off some of the alcohol.  The Swedish crepe is also very popular with lingonberries.

While in Normandy I remember taking advantage of all the blackberry bushes and heading to the small town nearby where they had a weekly outdoor market.  I would buy creme fraiche and toss in the large, ripe blackberries.  That combination with fresh, warm crepes was incredible.  If you can’t find creme fraiche, you can make some at home with Emeril Lagasse’s recipe.

So what is for breakfast this morning?  Crepes of course!

Tips and Tricks

1.  These can be made in advance and since they are a favourite feel free to double the recipe 😉

2.  If you do make them in advance, try and use wax or parchment paper in between to avoid sticking and tightly wrap them.  They will keep better this way.

3.  Keep in mind that the more you make, the hotter the pan will become so watch the timing.  If you find the crepes are browning too much, simply take the pan off the heat for a few minutes to let it cool down a bit.

4.  When you pour the batter into the hot, buttered pan, lift the pan and make a consistent circular motion to spread the batter evenly over the pan. Focus on the outer edges.  This way you avoid the thin, crisped edges of the crepe and, instead, you will end up with a nice, evenly cooked batter.

5.  The recipe calls for just under 1/3 C of batter per crepe but the amount will vary depending on the size of your pan and also how thin you like your crepes.

6.  The crepe should easily lift from the pan before you flip it.  Once flipped it needs only another 30 seconds or so to brown the other side.

7.  The batter resting step is not mandatory but will help get rid of air bubbles.  You can let it rest overnight as well.  Just give it a stir before using it.

Quintessential Crepe

author: Eve@DivineDiuum


1 C sifted flour

1 Tbsp sugar

1 egg

1 Tbsp melted butter

1.75 C milk

pinch salt

1 Tbsp vanilla (optional for sweet crepes)

butter for cooking


1.  Sift flour, salt and sugar in a bowl.

2.  Beat the eggs and butter into the flour mixture with a whisk.  By hand is best.

3.  Add butter (and vanilla if you are using it).

4.  Slowly add milk a bit at a time until batter is smooth to avoid clumps.

5.  Let batter rest for an hour in the fridge.

6.  Melt a tsp of butter over medium heat on a pan the size of your crepes.

7.  Add a little under 1/3 C of batter to the centre of pan.

8.  Slowly make circular motions with the pan to create a thin layer of the crepe batter on the pan.

9.  Once the batter no longer moves, flip the crepe (approx. 1 minute depending how hot the pan is).

10.  Give it about 30 second to 1 minute to cook the other side.

Calories 84

Protein 3.25 g

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