The Perfect Fit



Speaking from experience, the wrong shoe can make for an uncomfortable run and even injury.  Do not walk into a store and have someone watch how you walk and then tell you what kind of shoe you need.  There are so many shoes on the market and there are so many more things to consider than how you walk.  If the place is reputable they will want to know several things to find the perfect fit.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a shoe:

What will you be using it for?

running? trail, road or treadmill?



other cross training? weights? spin?

How do you walk?


neutral?  pronation?  supination?

What distances will you cover?

more casual running?

serious training?

Is there a foot measure available?

foot pressure points?

foot size?

foot width?

Is the shoe comfortable for you?



level of support?


Once you have spent the time learning about how your feet function and what the purpose of your shoes is, use the chart to find out what kind of shoe you need.  Many companies allow you to shop by shoe type.  Each company provides shoes of varying types besides what is listed above.

The next step it to try shoes on.  Try a lot of them.  It is the only way you will be able to feel the differences.  Don’t worry about being a bother to the person working at the store.  They are doing their job by helping you find the right shoe.

Finally, the true test will be when you try them out.  I have had shoes that felt comfortable and were fine when running less than 5 k.  However, once I started running beyond that I experienced pain and blisters.  Other shoes did the same thing after 2-3 k.  Those shoes had a high level of support and were great for weights and spin but terrible for running for my foot type.

When I was fitted properly, I discovered I had a near-perfect neutral foot that required a minimal running shoe, the complete opposite of what some stores had recommended AND what I had been told as a child which was that I had a bit of a flat foot.  I had spent hundreds of dollars on shoes that did not suit my running because I was not educated on what kind of feet and needs I had as a runner.


For my feet, I run in New Balance 1400V2.  Chris Barth at the Delta New Balance store did a professional job of finding me the perfect fit and took into consideration all the details needed: neutral foot, strike on the ball of foot, narrow-normal foot, preference of light and breathable shoe, little cushioning, road running, average 10 k distances.  I even ended up doing the run clinic there are got to see just how perfect these shoes were for me.

I have tried out this shoe for everything from walks to 1/2 marathons and everything in between and for my feet, it is MY perfect fit.

Happy shoe hunting!

Photo Source:,en_CA,pd.html#color=Aruba%20Blue_with_Teal_and_Sulphur&width=B

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