This February, 2015 will officially mark 3 years since I started running.  Let me just clarify.  I am a runner.  I run.  I enjoy running.  I am not fast but I did manage to clock a little over 300 miles in 2014.  2015 will be better.


I remember the days I would drive past a runner and be so happy that I was not them.  I knew running was good for you but I was barely motivated to head to my car to drive somewhere.  Now I honk and clap in my car.  I still want to roll down my window one day and crank “Eye of the Tiger” for a fellow runner as I slowly drive past them.

However, it was SO tough when I started off but it got better.  Believe me.  It GETS better.

My first thoughts of running:

IF I am going to work out, it will be indoors.

Why would I want to be outdoors in the rain and cold?

Running is exhausting!  I break a sweat going for a walk or heading up the stairs.

I tried running and after 2 minutes I couldn’t breath.

I don’t need to run, my diet and exercise are fine.  I’m at a comfortable weight. (I wasn’t)

Maybe I should get a dog.  That might help, right?

For those who want to start to run, here are some things that might help get you started.


Want to.  Really want to.  Not just for weightloss but also for general health.


Find a friend who can commit to once a week with you leaving one other day you are responsible for.  Sign up for a run clinic.  It will help ensure you get out there.


Find safe, busy and beautiful locations that you enjoy running in.  It takes some researching and exploring but you get to discover parts of where you live that you didn’t know existed.


Take the time to download and awesome playlist to help motivate you.  Music moves you.


Stick with it and focus on training rather than results.   Results will come with time which is extra motivating.  .  .  .but it does take time.


Have a plan and set an hour aside, 2 days a week, with a schedule.


It is ok to miss a run and do some cross training instead.  Change up the routine: bootcamp, swimming, yoga, spin, long walks, hikes.  No guilt because cross training is important to help with strength and flexibility which ultimately will help your running.


It is free and flexible.  You can go any time of day and more than just on scheduled runs.  It is your choice.


Sign up for 5 k races to give you goals to work towards ( I like the ones with medals because they give me added motivation).


Listen to your body.  If you are legitimately tired and run down or if something is hurting, take a break.


Treat yourself.  It is fun researching and shopping for different gear and gadgets.


Once you have a routine developed, do some reading on diet.  Certain foods provide more energy that is useful to runners.

For those who are more visually inclined, I leave you with this motivational video.  I still watch it to get me out the door sometimes.

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