Rocky Point, British Columbia


You can’t get too much winter in the winter ~Robert Frost

The winter has proven a challenge with outdoor exploration but, for this winter baby, and others too, you know how beautiful winter can be.  It is so peaceful.  The cold, crisp air and the bright sunshine is a reminder of the west coast.  The snow and the frost bring everything to a quiet calm and if you can handle the cold, there is nothing better in my opinion.  Bundling up with hot cocoa or cider, a blanket for one or two 😉

Today’s gallery comes from an exploratory winter walk with a friend.  The mission was to show her how to use her new camera and of course I had to take mine.  How could I pass up a photo opportunity?  I was not disappointed.  This gallery series is from Shoreline Trail at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, British Colombia, Canada.

After entering what seemed to be an industrial area on a hill, there appeared a park.  A great little community area and a very easy, 6 km walking trail with wooden platforms that took us over parts of the shoreline.  With plenty of little fish, there were plenty of ducks, geese and loons on the lookout for their next meal.  In amongst the brush, robins seem to be enjoying their playtime as they fluttered around.  The bright colours of the mallard‘s greens and the robin‘s reds were stark contrasts against the frosty whites and the wooden browns.

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